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Check out Remote Lessons with Coach Jillian! New to remote training? We are confident you are more experienced than you think and now you can train wherever you prefer with an instructor in your pocket. 


Hi my fellow-fastpitch lovers! 

There are so many things I love about athletics, but remote training has opened my eyes to yet another: the creativity of an athletic family! 

From this experience of remote training, I have seen  SUCH impressive and creative at-home set ups that athletes and their families have put together... and most of it was simple, inexpensive DIY put-togethers! 

Kudos, parents.  

For all my athletes, you know I stress that the equipment doesn't make the athlete ---  so our at-home workouts are going to progress no matter what you have at your disposal, because our major focus will be for you to command the movements of your body! 

If you don't have a ton of equipment, do not stress! You'll see how simple objects can help us bring awareness to our movement patterns, and we can do that without breaking the bank. 

- Coach Jillian 

To familiarize my prospective-remote clients on what to expect, here is a list of equipment we need, equipment we can find around the home (just listed as examples to use during sessions!), and items you may already have for our workouts, or items over time you may want to invest in! 

REMOTE LESSONS - Resource Recommendations


+ Softball or bucket of softballs

For Pitching Remote Lesson:
+ Glove
+ Target / Net / Catcher ( target is best! 🎯)
+ Mound / Pitching Mat / or worse comes to worse, use painter's tape for an 8' power line and 24"x6" mound
For Hitting / Slapping Lesson:
+ Bat
+ Tee 
+ Net 🥅 / somewhere to hit out to (or, if indoors a suitable wall to hit foam or Plyo Balls into) 

That's really all you need !! During your first session, your instructor will evaluate what you have at your disposal and lessons will build using those additional training tools, when beneficial. 

However, most of what you should be learning is how to move --- and we don't need fancy equipment to delve into that! 


I am continuously impressed by the creativity of remote-lesson clients --- some of the setups that have been shared with me inspire ideas for our facility ! 

The following recommendations are training aids commonly incorporated into remote lessons. Before investing, talk to your instructor! But if you have them on hand, they'll come in handy 👌

Optional / Recommended :

- Throw down home plate  (or make one with painter's tape! 8.5", 17", 12")
- Medicine Ball ( 5-15 lbs depending on athlete )
_ for Hitting, ~16 oz.
_ for Pitching, ~ 8 - 14 oz.
- Tennis Ball
- Cones


Most times, common household items can work great for a workout!  Here are examples of items we've used during remote lessons. 

You truly do not need to have absolutely every tool on hand. To give you an idea, here are some common household items that help remote lessons progress, depending on your lessons' focus!

- string or rope 
- painter's tape
- a broomstick handle / PVC pipe 
- pair of rolled up socks to use as a ball (when stuck indoors for movement patterns training)
- a hand towel ( especially pitchers ! 🥎)
- 2 golf balls (for finger dexterity) 
- frisbee
- hoola-hoop 
- lacrosse ball (for muscle massage  💪)
- tennis balls
- a pet-toy with a squeaker (great for audio feedback on resistance) 


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