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Remote Lessons - Resource Recommendations

Check out Remote Lessons with Coach Jillian! New to remote training? We are confident you are more experienced than you think and now you can train wherever you prefer with an instructor in your pocket. 

The Hips Don't Lie... and they say they're important.

In the world of sports, agility, speed, and precision are paramount. Whether you're sprinting across a soccer field, swinging for the fences in baseball, or maneuvering through defenders in lacrosse, your body's ability to move efficiently can make all the difference between victory and defeat. And at the center of this athletic prowess lies a crucial yet often overlooked element: hip mobility. Hip mobility refers to the range of motion and flexibility around the hip joint. It plays a fundamental role in nearly every athletic movement, from running and jumping to kicking and throwing. In sports like softball, baseball, lacrosse, and soccer, where explosive movements and quick changes in direction are common, optimal hip mobility is essential for peak performance.  Here's why: Enhanced Power and Velocity: In softball, baseball, and lacrosse, generating power and velocity is key to success. A strong and mobile hip complex allows athletes to fully engage their lower body muscl