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GD's 1 Item Challenge

  Instructors, coaches and trainers tend to be incredibly creative in their professions.  We challenged coaches at Game Day Athletics to take an obscure item and show us three different drills to use it for a team or athlete's training. Their insight never fails to impress!   Seriously --- wait until we show you what else a plunger can be used for 😎 Take a look below to see how the staff prevailed in this month's 1 Item Challenge.     This Month's Item :  A TENNIS BALL   Tennis balls are a great addition to your training tool-kit as a ball player. The size is similar to that of a baseball, and it's softer-exterior tends to be less intimidating to green players. The bounce of a tennis ball makes it an ideal substitute for learning angles in the outfield, or taking short hops in the dirt.  But besides "ball every days" and tennis racket high-flys, coaches have found that tennis balls can show us a lot about our game, too.  And after reading this, if you find o

A Must-Have Wish List: Coach's Edition

A Must-Have Wish List, Coach's Edition Even when you have it all laid out in preparation, the never-ending  demands of a coach at any level can be tough to manage.  Make life a bit easier with some of these great finds we've composed from canvasing our coaches! We took the time to survey GD's coaching staff after the Holidays, for some of their "must-have" items  when signing up to take on a role on the other side of the chalk lines.  Here's part one of our Top 10 Must Have Wish List Items   that every coach find a  benefit from having with them for the team!  The coaches at Game Day Athletics are confident you won't be disappointed, so without further adieu, let's jump to the list:  1.  Carabiner Clips The possibilities are endless for a coach with a carabiner clip. From fixing your Bownets  on-site and hanging your clipboards, to creating more space in a cramped-dugout, carving out an adhoc-band station at a tournament for pre-game warm-ups, a carab