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Holiday Wish List for Pitchers

Seeking a little something special for your pitcher this Holiday Season? Look no further! We sat with Coach Jillian, lead pitching instructor at GD Athletics, to ask for her to list some of her essential training tools for fast pitch softball pitchers to personally grab.  Before this interview, Coach Jillian made sure to remind us that she is a firm believer in "the athlete makes the athlete, not the equipment," but these are the top products she recommends to her athletes to pick up!  1. Mini Loop Bands  For some reason, band work has been lost in fast pitch softball, despite the enforcement band work seems to have in our counter-sport, baseball.  Any sport which depends on an explosive, over-head movement should in fact be using bands to help strengthen and prep the shoulders of the body.  A pack of mini-loop bands cost on average, less than $10, and typically come in a pack of 3-5 different levels of resistance. Most exercises required of a fastpitch pitcher can be done wi