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"Well done is better than well said." - Meet Coach Samantha

Coach Samantha Brown is the lead girls' lacrosse instructor at Game Day Athletics. As the season opens up and more of our athletes take the field, we asked Coach Sam to share some of her experiences as an athlete, coach and trainer on this month's Meet the Coach highlight!  Coach Samantha is available for private and group lessons, as well as team trainings, all year 'round. To view her full biography and book your next lesson, visit 

The Pursuit of Happiness : Coach Joe DiMento

We caught up with Game Day Athletics co-owner, Joe DiMento in this Month's edition of Meet the Team. Check out our interview below!  What made you want to become a college baseball coach ?  When my playing days finally came to an end, I wasn't quite ready to step away from the game. My senior year, I lost my mom and I was given an opportunity to stick around at my alma mater and volunteer as an assistant coach. It changed my life, and was exactly what I needed at the time. I found a real passion for being in a mentorship position and guiding younger athletes. I fell in love with the game from yet another side, and it's been an incredible ride.  What was the biggest obstacle you faced in chasing this dream ?  The biggest obstacle I faced was after my first 3 years coaching for Rutgers University, when I had to take some time away. In honesty, while I loved the position, it wasn't paying enough, in fact it wasn't paying at all as I was fulfilling a volunteer position.

Beginning to Pitch - Fastpitch Softball

  If you are a fan of fast pitch softball, you have undoubtedly been intrigued by the deceptive spins, breaks and speed some of the best arms to hurl from the circle in the game. At Game Day Athletics, fast pitch pitching programs are one of our most sought out offerings, continuously growing interest daily.  We asked GD Athletics co-owner and lead pitching instructor, Coach Jillian Mulderig, to share some  insight on beginning to pitch in the game of fast pitch softball.