The Pursuit of Happiness : Coach Joe DiMento

We caught up with Game Day Athletics co-owner, Joe DiMento in this Month's edition of Meet the Team. Check out our interview below! 

What made you want to become a college baseball coach ? 

When my playing days finally came to an end, I wasn't quite ready to step away from the game. My senior year, I lost my mom and I was given an opportunity to stick around at my alma mater and volunteer as an assistant coach. It changed my life, and was exactly what I needed at the time. I found a real passion for being in a mentorship position and guiding younger athletes. I fell in love with the game from yet another side, and it's been an incredible ride. 

What was the biggest obstacle you faced in chasing this dream ? 

The biggest obstacle I faced was after my first 3 years coaching for Rutgers University, when I had to take some time away. In honesty, while I loved the position, it wasn't paying enough, in fact it wasn't paying at all as I was fulfilling a volunteer position. I had to step away to start my career and began working in sales. It didn't take long before I had the "itch" and knew full-heartedly that coaching baseball was something that fueled me. I took a chance, left my job, and returned to coaching. I vowed that I would bet on myself and make ends meet to be able to pursue my dream again. 

What is your most memorable moment as a college coach ?

My most memorable moment as a coach happened last season, witnessing us [PSU-Abbington Men's Baseball] break every school record imaginable as a team. Team record for wins, best offense in the country, and having Ryan McCarty win D3 Player of the Year and sign with the Blue Jays. It was surreal when [McCarty] called me and told me to "order my Blue Jays' hat," because that's who he signed with. 

That was my first recruiting class. I recruited that group. It was my first graduating class and for them to go out like that, really hits home for me. 

Who has been one of your biggest influences' as a baseball coach ? 

Norm "Moose" Schoenig, who was the former head coach at Montclair State. The guy is an absolute legend; couple national titles, countless World Series appearances. He is a mentor to so many players and coaches. He never coached me, but we worked alongside one another at Rutgers Camden and early on at PSU Abington. I still call him regularly. He is the gold standard of what it's like to be a great coach, and human being. I truly love that man. 

What advice can you offer others who are seeking to coach at this level ? 

Don't give up! 

It may seem cliche, but it is the truth. There isn't a ton of money in this, but I know the feeling I get everyday going to the field or to practice is unlike anything else I could find. You have to be willing to grind, and sometimes work multiple jobs to be able to sustain the journey, but the satisfaction of seeing a team or organization that you are a part of have success and witness the athletes grow and come together as a family, is more rewarding then the benefits money can provide. 

Coach Joe DiMento is available for private lessons, group and team trainings year round. To inquire, visit and book yours today. 


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