"Well done is better than well said." - Meet Coach Samantha

Coach Samantha Brown is the lead girls' lacrosse instructor at Game Day Athletics. As the season opens up and more of our athletes take the field, we asked Coach Sam to share some of her experiences as an athlete, coach and trainer on this month's Meet the Coach highlight! 

Coach Samantha is available for private and group lessons, as well as team trainings, all year 'round. To view her full biography and book your next lesson, visit www.njgameday.com/lessons 

As a lacrosse instructor, what is your favorite aspect of the game to teach ? 

Offensive drives and shooting. One of the most rewarding experiences I have as an instructor is being able to witness my players get creative with their offensive game after we come up with new ideas.  

What accomplishment do you cherish the most as a former collegiate athlete?

My most cherished accomplishment is being selected as captain of my college team two years in a row. 

What " game day " rituals do you have as a player? As a coach? 

When I played soccer, I would chew a "5" Spearmint piece of gum every single game for Y E A R S . In my college days, playing lacrosse, I always wore a Nike tie or team headband every single day and would not have felt complete without it. Before our games, I would  get to the locker room extra early (and was typically the first there) to get focused mentally.  Before games as a coach, I like to listen to my hype music on my drive and grab a Starbucks drink to help elevate my energy. 

What inspired you to become a coach and then a lacrosse instructor? 

My senior season of college was in 2020 and shortened due to the ensuing pandemic. As a graduating nursing student, I wasn't able to continue playing, despite eligibility waivers granted by the NCAA, as I started my career during desperate times. I continued to coach after my time as a player finished because I did not feel like I was done on the field, yet.

 I volunteered to coach at my alma mater, GWU, after graduating. The team was still growing , and I felt like I could give a lot back to them, and I found coaching to be incredibly rewarding. I learned so much from being with the team in a new role, and it allowed me to have a smooth transition from player-to-coach. 

Can you tell us about one of your most memorable moments as a coach to date?

Yes! My most memorable moment as a coach was when I was in high school working with a youth team, and helped lead the team to their first win of the season! The girls' were so excited, I had this overwhelming feeling, like a proud parent would. It felt amazing to see all of their hard work pay off and watch them implement the things we worked on at practice to secure the win ! 

Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give the young, version of yourself playing the game? 

If I could give my young-self advice, I would say to be easier on yourself; give yourself grace. Being an athlete is tough. The constant, intense work combined with internal pressure is not a necessary stressor. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. 


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